Uncle Dave's Husky Treats are the best treats you will ever taste! First made for the Hughson (California) High School Husky Soccer team, Husky Treats combine regular and chocolate flavored crisped rice cereals with peanut butter, marshmallows and our secret ingredient to create a taste sensation that leaves everyone craving more.
Proudly made in a Home Kitchen by huskytreats.com in Ceres, California, USA.
Registration #CFO A-150 Issued in Stanislaus County
Husky Treats contain milk, wheat, peanuts, almonds, coconut and soy.

About Uncle Dave's Husky Treats

Welcome to Uncle Dave's Husky Treats. I am Uncle Dave.

Uncle Dave's Husky Treats were first made for the Hughson (California) Husky Soccer Team. I was the team Uncle and provided the boys with some kind of snack after every game. I tried something new every week, eventually hitting upon what became known as Uncle Dave's Husky Treats. They were a huge success with the boys and their parents.

Since those days almost 20 years ago, Uncle Dave's Husky Treats have been enjoyed by my family and friends all over the world. Among the biggest fans are the casts and crews of Billy Elliot, the Musical, in New York City and in London, including at least one Tony award winning actor and a world renowned dance teacher. 

We have a CFO Permit issued in Stanislaus County, California, and license to do business issued by the City of Ceres, California.

Please contact us to find out when Uncle Dave's Husky Treats will be available in your area.